Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine – The Toy for Your Little Girl

In this post, we are going to give you a review of several models of the Hello Kitty karaoke machine. It is an adorable cute little machine that comes in pink and makes kids around the world very happy. It is extremely popular and it deserves a separate article, hence this post.

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When putting together this read, we did our best to dig as much information as we could about the various models, including what customers had to say about it. We think that our review can only be complete if we mention other people’s feedback, as it offers an insight into the real capacities of a given product.

hello kitty karaoke machine picThis post is perfect for you if you are planning to buy your children such a singing device, but you have no clue as to what to look for. We will discuss as many features as we can, talk about what problems owners were faced with after use and whether there are any serious complaints. Scrolling down the text and reading it all, you will notice that most of the products have similar features. This is no surprise as we are talking about karaoke systems of the same theme. It is normal for them to have common functions. You will have the opportunity to read about a few Hello Kitty karaoke machines of different designs that are waiting to be purchased. We hope that at the end of this read, you will have a good understanding of what item exactly you need – whether it is the features that are more important or the price, and much more. Now, it is time to get to it.

Review the Hello Kitty KT 2009

We will begin with a more detailed review of this Hello Kitty karaoke machine, and in the next reviews we will tell you only the things that are different, and that distinguish the separate items. Please, note that the other model reviews will be as detailed as possible too. We will just focus on the functions that distinguish them from the rest of items.


Model 2009 has only one microphone but provides two mic jacks in case you want to connect one more mic to the system. The cord is quite long, for your convenience, and allows performers to walk around while singing. It is small and sweet, and young kids are especially attracted to it. It has an on and off button. If you wish to use a second microphone, you are going to have to buy one yourself.


The KT 2009 is equipped with a CD/CD+G player. Technically, this means that you can play CDs that contain lyrics. However, it also allows you to play regular CDs if you wish.

hello kitty karaoke machine cdUnfortunately, the machine does not come with a built-in screen, which means that you have to hook it up to another device if you want to watch the lyrics while singing.

What is more, you can play songs from a flash drive. This is faster and more convenient than a CD+G because you do not have to take the time to burn a CD. You only have to transfer a few music files from your computer to the flash drive and then insert it into the USB port of the karaoke machine.

Also, you can source music from any device that supports Bluetooth. This Hello Kitty karaoke machine supports A2DP, 3.0 BT.


You will be pleasantly surprised to see that such a small karaoke system has its own speakers. This makes it easy to play songs. You do not need additional speakers.

Video/Audio Outputs and Inputs

  • Aux Input – Thanks to this feature, you are at liberty to hook up your machine to an iPad or iPod and therefore improve your digital library. Mind that, this feature only supports the standard audio format, i.e. mp3. Even if you decide to use special karaoke songs (in a CD+G format), you will not be able to view the lyrics.
  • Microphone input – designed for an additional microphone.
  • Audio out – with this feature, you can connect your Hello Kitty karaoke machine to your TV.
  • Headphone jack – it serves to connect your singing system to a headphone.

As you can see, these are the standard jacks included in a karaoke system.

Sound Controls

This hello kitty karaoke machine has the standard sound and voice controls. Check it out.

  • hello kitty karaoke machine pcAutomatic Voice Control (AVC) – Thanks to this feature, you can mute the lead vocals while singing. If you stop singing, the vocals emerge. It is a very helpful feature, especially with songs whose lyrics you do not know that well. Your children will have plenty of fun with it.
  • Balance Control – With the balance control feature, you can choose to play songs either with lead vocals on or off. Depending on what makes you feel more comfortable, you can switch the balance control on and decide whether you want only music or music plus vocals. Since this karaoke system was meant for kids, your children will be the one to decide.
  • Microphone Volume Control – this feature allows you to separately adjust the volume of the microphone.
  • Master Volume Control – with this option you can adjust the overall volume of the system.
  • Echo Control – And finally, this function enables you to add some echo to your performance and helps you make it sound more professional. There is no doubt that your kiddos will enjoy this feature the most.

The hello kitty karaoke machine comes with the following dimensions: 8.17” (W) x 6.73” (D) x 13.48” (H). No recording options or special effects are available. There is no remote control either. It can work either plugged-in or with batteries as well, which makes it portable. There is an AC adapter in the package. One of the best things is that you can take the machine out of the box and start using it right away. No additional set up is required for your convenience. In the package, you will find a manual, AC adapter, Audio and Video cables, and one microphone. It offers a guarantee for one year. The control panel includes the following:

  • Song source: it allows you to select between an Aux Input, CD+G or CD format.
  • CD+G functions: Pause and Play, Rewind, Program, Forward, Repeat.
  • Sound control knobs: Echo Control, AVC and Balance.
  • Separate Microphone Volume Control and Master Volume Control knobs.

Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine KT 2009 Reviews

It has to be said that currently there are not many reviews about this particular model of Hello Kitty karaoke machine, the reason being it is relatively new. For your peace of mind, we shall say that the reviews available on the Internet are very favorable. The design is cute and will absolutely appeal to younger girls, if they are aged between 4 and 6.

Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke System

hello kitty karaoke machine deviceThe following model has similar features to the previous product we just discussed in detail. One of the differences is that it has a built-in screen of five inches, which is a big plus. The resolution is good and allows for lyrics to be streamed very clearly. In addition, you can hook up the system to a TV if you think that the built-in screen is too small. There is one microphone in the package, but you get the opportunity to connect a second one if you wish (however, you have to buy it first). Another great thing about this model is that it has a video camera, allowing you to watch yourself as you are singing. This adds to the fun. Girls are in love with this feature. They like watching themselves on the screen. They can also line up to 20 songs in the order they like, as the machine can be programmed to remember a sequence of 20 tracks at the same time.

The model 68109 comes with the standard sound and voice controls as explained in the previous section: AVC, Balance Control and Echo Control. It has its own speakers but does not provide recording options. There are no disco lights or other special effects. It can run on batteries other than being plugged in. This is great news. It makes it easy to carry anywhere you go. The product comes with the following dimensions: 16.5 x 12.6 x 11 inches. Currently, it costs $78.06 on Amazon. The price is acceptable considering the functions you get with such a machine.

Reviews for This Karaoke Machine

We found very positive reviews and good ratings for this model. Considering its features and the price that you have to pay, the system is a great pick. There is no way your kid does not like it. If we assume you would buy one of the Hello Kitty karaoke machines for your girl, she will be mesmerized by the design and functions, so the pluses are much more than the minuses and it is worth considering giving this particular singing system a try.

Below, we have summed up the pros and cons of this type of karaoke machine.


  • It can be hooked up to your TVhello kitty karaoke machine sing
  • It can be connected to an iPad or iPod
  • You can play CD+G on it
  • Easy to carry around
  • It has a video camera
  • Plenty of sound and voice controls
  • It features a built-in screen


  • No recording options
  • Just one microphone

Hello Kitty Flashing Lights CD Karaoke System

The next hello kitty karaoke machine model we would like to present to you is going to be very attractive to your kids because of its colorful flashing lights. They are fantastic and are perfect for parties. As it is with the previous products described here, it comes with a dual jack input, but it only includes one microphone. If you want to make your children even happier, you can buy a separate microphone so that they can perform duets. Little things matter, you know.

Similarly to the KT2009 model, this product does not feature its own built-in screen. However, it gives you the opportunity to connect it to your TV. This gives you the opportunity to view the lyrics on a big enough screen, and you can also get amplified sound, as the built-in speakers of the machine are not that powerful (after all, it is a karaoke system for kids and it does not have to be that powerful). The player supports CD+Gs, however, as we just mentioned – you need to stream the lyrics on a separate screen.

hello kitty karaoke machine playOne of the best things about this singing device is that it can work on batteries. This makes it the perfect Hello Kitty portable karaoke machine. The package does not include the batteries, though. You need to purchase ones separately. Luckily it can be used with the standard C batteries. You need six of them to run the machine without plugging it in.

In addition, you can get music for your hello kitty karaoke machine from different sources. For example, aside from using the built-in CD player, you can connect your tablet, iPod or iPad and get access to an endless supply of songs. You are not limited to using CD+Gs.

The recommended age for this product is 5+ years. The machine is five pounds in weight and comes in the following dimensions: 14 x 9 x 10 inches. It costs $69.89. Currently, there are not enough customer reviews for this item. Continue reading our article for more options for a Hello Kitty portable karaoke machine.

Hello Kitty KT2007F CDG Karaoke System

This cute little Hello Kitty karaoke machine does more than you would expect after taking a peek at it. It seems too small to have the features you are looking for, but let us stop you right there. The device is quite good. Although it obviously does not have a built-in screen (there is hardly any space for it), it lets you hook it up to your TV or another video monitor to stream the lyrics from there. You can choose from three viewing modes: Color Images, CDG Graphics or both the Images and the CDG Graphics. Please, note that the images are captured by a special gadget built inside the machine, which makes this item quite favorable. We are talking about a video camera. Although you cannot record yourself while performing, you can still see yourself on the video screen you connect to the machine. Your kids will be happy to take advantage of this function. It can make them feel like superstars.

The KT2007F has a plethora of voice and sound functions, similarly to the other models presented here. First off, there is the standard Master Volume control, which helps you regulate the power of the sound coming out of the machine. There is also Balance Control helping you to find a balance between your voice and the instrumental track, especially if there are lead vocals to it. In addition, there is an Echo Balance option making your performances sound very well and helping hide imperfections in your singing – without a doubt, your children will enjoy this feature the most. Moreover, there is a Mic Volume feature allowing you to separately adjust the power of the microphone. And finally, there are Auto Voice On/Off controls.

hello kitty karaoke machine toyThe system comes with a CD/CD+G player, which loads vertically. It offers the following controls: Repeat, Program, Skip Back/Forward. There are two speakers, and you are free to connect the system to a mp3 player, iPod or another digital device. There are two mic jacks available if you want to sing duets, but as it is with other Hello Kitty karaoke machines, only one microphone comes with the package. You must have heard that so many times that it probably does not come as a surprise anymore. You will also find an AC adapter into the box. This machine does not run on batteries.

This hello kitty karaoke machine weighs seven pounds and comes with the following dimensions: 8.6 x 9.3 x 13 inches.

The customer reviews and ratings of this product are quite good. Most people comment that it did not take them long to set up the machine and they could use it within a few minutes after taking it out of the box. They all seem to be overjoyed with the built-in camera, which appealed to the intended recipients, i.e. their children. It appears that kids are in love with this feature and like seeing themselves on a video screen while singing at the same time. It does add to the fun. Some people complain that the quality of the camera is not as good as they expected but this lends itself to the fact that a) this is a karaoke machine designed for kids, and b) the camera is not like a real camera which offers recording options, as it only serves to watch yourself while singing. Other people express their dissatisfaction about the microphone not functioning properly after a few days of use. If this happens, you know that you can always return the product or take advantage of the warranty, so it is not such a big concern.

Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine 66209

The last karaoke machine on our list is model 66209. It comes with a CD+G player, which allows you to view the lyrics of the songs you want to sing along. However, since there is no built-in display, you need to connect the item to a video monitor or a TV so that you can see those words. Aside from its intended use, owners can also listen to the radio with this item, as it also has built-in radio in case you get tired of listening to the same songs every time. So, if one day your kids no longer wish to use the device and dump it in the basement, you can play your favorite radio station. One of the best things is that your offspring will get the chance to enjoy a cool LED flashing lights show around the system, so do not forget to turn the lights off in the room and let your kids have fun with the singing device. This makes it perfect for throwing evening parties.

hello kitty karaoke machineThis is yet another portable Hello Kitty  karaoke machine because it can run unplugged with the use of batteries. It offers Echo controls and enhanced vocal effects to make your performance more professional and unforgettable. What is more, you can hook it up to your iPhone, iPad, iPod or mp3 player to get more songs to sing along.

Only one microphone is included in the box, but in case you want to sing duets, you can use the second mic input available on the machine. That being said, you also need to purchase another microphone, especially if you have two kids who are eager to use the Hello Kitty karaoke machine. But if you choose not to, this should not be a problem. That way you can teach your little ones to have patience and to share (an important lesson it seems).

The device weighs 5.3 pounds and has the following dimensions: 17.6 x 3.2 x 4.6 inches. It costs around $50 and is appropriate for girls and boys aged between seven and fifteen years. It gets positive feedback and good ratings (4.2 out of 5 stars) on Amazon and other online shops like Walmart. Generally speaking, owners like the machine and explain how much their children have fun with this particular model. There are a few complaints about the sound not being high enough (which is great for parents), but the overall impression is that the singing device is quite good for such a low price. Many owners wish there were a second microphone in the package. This seems to be the major complaint in all customer reviews about karaoke machines these days. The majority of people seem to recommend this system not only because of its features, but also because of its price. It is very affordable. And it also appears that it is not only kids that have used this machine. Their parents and grandparents who willingly wrote reviews share their experience with the machine themselves and explain how happy they are with the product.

This is the end of our reviews about the Hello Kitty karaoke machines. Now, it should be easier to decide which one will suit your needs the best, and most of all which one will make your children the happiest.

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